Embedded Software Training in a Box

I am beaming with pride. I think we have finally achieved the holy grail of firmware training: Embedded Software Training in a Box. Priced at just $599, the kit includes Everything-You-Need-to-Know-to-Develop-Quality-Reliable-Firmware-in-C, including software for real-time safety-critical systems such as medical devices.

In many ways, this product is the culmination of about the last fifteen years of my career. The knowledge and skills imparted in the kit are drawn from my varied experiences as:

  • An embedded software developer working on real products from consumer electronics to medical devices,
  • An author (you get copies of all three of my books and the most relevant of my sixty-odd articles),
  • As a speaker at the Embedded Systems Conferences since 1998,
  • Developer of the Embedded Software Boot Camp training materials,
  • As a former technical editor and editor-in-chief of Embedded Systems Design magazine.

This kit also–at long last–answers the question I’ve been receiving from around the world since I first started writing articles and books about embedded programming: “Where/How can I learn to be a great embedded programmer?” I believe the answer is now as easy as: “Embedded Software Boot Camp in a Box!

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