Programming as Profession

Doing my daily reading around the embedded systems press, I happened across this gem in an article by Jim Turley:

Programming is often treated as a creative endeavor, undertaken by spirited and talented artistes who cannot or should not be shackled to convention, regulations, or reasonable hygiene. Get over it. Programming is a job like any other, and an employer’s responsibility is to ship a profitable product, not coddle and babysit self-indulgent hackers.

I couldn’t agree with Jim more. It is especially unfortunate when a lack of professionalism shows itself in the realm of embedded systems, such as medical devices, that put human lives at risk. I regret to inform the reader that from Netrino‘s vantage point as consultants we see everyday the train wreck that results from poorly managed and unprofessional programmers working in the embedded systems space.

You need a license from the state to to be a barber. To write embedded software, you simply need to be able to spell ‘C’. But I’m on a mission to change that.

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